If you are relocating to Middle Tennessee, Buying, Selling or want to inquire about rental property, feel free to contact me by email - beverleydrewry@yahoo.com, mobile phone - 615.973.6831 (call or text) or call or visit my office.

Since you spent a few moments viewing my site, let me tell you about my company and how I can help serve you.


I began working at White House Realtors when the market was booming in 2005.  The market continued to remain steady for a few years.  The market changed and I changed with it.   I became more diverse with selling homes, leasing homes and working with commercial properties.


Now, the market has recovered and homes are once again in high demand.  I have worked with many first time homeowners, single and single (again) individuals as well as those couples that have growing families or retirees looking to down size.  I feel elated when someone can stand on their own financially and become a homeowner!  It's exciting and I love working with people that know the true value of an investment for their future.  You are making the best decision when you decide to become a homeowner!


Feel free to call me, ask questions, learn all you can about the process and then when you are ready - we will work together to find your new home!



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Beverley Drewry

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