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If you are relocating to Middle Tennessee, Buying, Selling or want to inquire about rental property, feel free to contact me by email -, OR,

mobile phone - 615.973.6831 (TEXT FOR A QUICKER RESPONSE)  or call my office at 615.991.4949 BENCHMARK REALTY LLC

Thank you for  spending a few moments viewing my site.

If I can help with any of your Real Estate needs, please reach out to me. If you aren't a home owner yet, let's get started so you can begin building equity.

If you already own a home and want to upgrade, or you are downsizing for whatever reason or you just want to start building your rental portfolio as an investor, now is the time!

Let me assist with finding you that "perfect for us" home.


Feel free to call me, ask questions, learn all you can about the process and then when you are ready - we will work together to find your new home!



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